“Brent is a vital length of connective tissue in Seattle. He creates spaces for actual collaboration. Not just for artists, but for audiences too. Spaces where interaction is just as possible as it is tangible. Genuine transactions of expression devoid of contrivance amass at his feet whenever he’s at the helm of a live show, a production, or a studio session.

In this, he contributes incredibly valuable experiences within the community and further enables the cultivation and growth of this scene.

That’s important. He’s important.

We see him and gratefully acknowledge his presence and drive every day.”

-Arthur James


“Brent provides that tender, intimate touch most videographers lack. When Nick Cage goes looking for National Treasure, he finds Brent Driscoll.”
-THE Mark Brainard

“In a world of cold hearted beasts, one man dares to point a camera in the face of that beast, and portray him in the most flattering light possible for a very reasonable rate.”
-THE Mark Brainard

“Issue- I want to be immortalized as a golden adonis on film.
Solution- Brent Driscoll ”
-THE Mark Brainard