Cobbles Emergency Vet Bills

On top of the terrible Covid earth shut down, my beautiful little Cobbles has fallen extremely ill. If you know him personally, he’s very upbeat, goofy, wobbly, and just overall a wonderful doggo. On March 2nd, he started showing some really terrifying symptoms (blood in his stool, vomiting, fever) and I took him to the emergency vet immediately. They put him on antibiotics and he seemed to have cleared up for the last few weeks. A couple of days ago, he fell even more ill and started to grow extremely lethargic. He wouldn’t eat or drink and his temperament had changed drastically. I took him to get more tests from two different emergency vets in the last couple of days. Another terrible side effect of our current Covid climate is I couldn’t go in with him to the vet and therefore have spent many hours in the parking lot in a pretty emotional state. After much waiting, I got the call from the doctor today that he has Prostatitis and is currently staying overnight in the dog ICU. I’m able to have Zoom calls whenever I want with him and they give me updates whenever I text and ask. They’re taking such great care of him and I’m very appreciative. This year has been an absolute shit show and I don’t think anyone could prove me wrong on that. I know that everyone is very tight on extra cash at the moment, a reality that I’m facing head on as I try my best to take care of Cobbles. I hope you out there know that me asking for money from friends and family is embarrassing much as it is poorly timed. With my savings now gutted, limited job opportunities, and no telling how long until unemployment will kick in, I just don’t know where else I can turn. I’m never one for handouts and I will do whatever work any of you need or want done when this whole mess is over. Please contact me directly and let me know what I can do or plan out with you. Cobbles means so incredibly much to me. He’s been my best friend for over a decade and he has so much more life to live. Even at 10+ years, he’s still so peppy, fun, energetic, and goofy. At least until this thing hit us. Thank you friends, even if all you can do is read this and send us love right now. I will never forget your kindness. I love you all and so does Cobbles.


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